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Monday, May 18, 2009

Where did I lose?

I lost my way,
Where did I lose?
Where do I find out?

Is it in the Home?
Or Is it in the temple?
Is it with the Friends?
Or Is it with the Parents?
No where i could find out
Where do i Find?

I lost my way
The way to happiness;
I lost my happiness
The way to Life;
I lost my life
The way to Enrichment;
I lost my Enrichment
The way to Enlightment;
I lost my Enlightment
The way to GOD.

I lost my way
Where did I lose?
Where do I find ?

Is it in the desert?
Or Is it in the water?
Is it in that hills?
Or Is it this sky?
Where do I find?
Unto my never ending creature.

Where am I?
Am I in the past?
Or Am I in the future?
Or Am I being in the events(Present) ?

Past or Future,
Makes me Blind.
Be in the Present,
Decides my future;
The best lesson of Nature.

By the way,
Who am I?
A never ending Quest.

Sometimes I am mad;
Sometimes I am God.
Sometimes I am Kind;
Sometimes I am not.

Whatever I am
Not the one I wanted to be.
What is that I want
That is the one I lost.

Where did I lose?
The one I could not find.
Where do I find?
The infinite happiness
And the Flooded Peace.

Thanks for reading...

with Puzzle,

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