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Friday, May 22, 2009


Memory ref :- 10.05.2009

Dear Mother,

How are you, MAMA? I miss you much but I know you miss me more than that.
I have not seen GOD but you. I have not felt GOD but you. I have heard about GOD that too first from you. You are the first being in this world to be worshipped when anyone starts his life or career. As you are the start and you are the end for all.


Sorry, If at all I have hurt you anywhere in your life. I know you don’t take it to your mind and forgiveness is your kind. There are times, I behaved like Mad to you even then you hugged me, this Lad. You are great that’s why you are mother I am one of your feather.

I don’t want to say that you have done or doing sacrifice for me or you live only for me. This is all your basic traits. But what I observed from my mother till now is that “You are the photons (Positive energy) which run faster than my thoughts. I don’t want to be with you to get out of my day to day frustration but it’s enough to think about you and your deeds to give me the fresh life every day.

Mom, I do want to be with you. I do want to sleep on your lap and hear you’re the same bored but not bored childhood stories which are very interesting to pen down and scan through it.

Mom, do you remember…?

When we lived in a small room with more desires but less needs, we were together and happy.
We too had quarrels and fights India and Pakistan but we cross the borders and hug together unlike them.
When there was no sophistication, we led a simple and memorable life. Now, we have sophistication, we lead an odd and forgettable life.

This is forever…

“Whatever am I, you are the reason for my happiness;
Wherever am I, you are the sailor of my life;
However am I, you are the seasons of my career;”

Thank you, Mom for your carings and blessings.
I pray GOD to born once again from you and be with you forever, forever, forever….
I pray GOD to give you and papa – a long, happy and pleasant life….

With love - M.VELU

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