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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hi friends!
I attach this scribbling which i got inspired by the training programme "born to win" which really instigated my inner self and made me to think about my goals and actions i have to do to acheive what i want.
the two scribblings " Born to win" & "Life will never be the same" will really makes me to think about change. I hope you like it.
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Born to win
Born to win
Life is only “Born to Win!”

You can win
You can win
When you think “I can win”

Some times Win
Many times lose
But all times lessons

Success comes when Failure goes;
Failure comes where success comes;
Success, Failure nothing matters
If you take these as a part of Business.

Born to win
Born to win
Human Brain thinks of win
Human heart beats to win

Win to Win
Is the latest theme
You win, I win and we win
Its the only caption of team.

- M.Velu

Life will never be the same,
Unless you want to change.
Friend, why must you change?
Ask this question until you see a change.

When water changes its form,
When the air changes its behavior,
Why not you change?

When the snake changes its cloth,
When a caterpillar changes to Butterfly
Why not you change?
It’s up to you,
The choice of change.
Life will never be the same,
Unless you want to change.

Life is a Game;
Come and Play it.
How long you want to sit and watch?
Why not you change?
Life will never be the same.

You are born by win,
You are grown to win,
You live with win,
You are born to win.
Why not you change?
Life will never be the same
Unless you want to change.

You want the success,
But you don’t want the pain.
How could it possible?
It is possible only
If a Mother delivers the child without pain
If a seed gives a fruit without pain.

Why not you change?
It’s up to you,
The choice of change.
Life will never be the same

- M.Velu

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hi friends,
I have posted a small scribbling about our happy days in the 4 years of college life which is undoubtedly equivalent to 400 yugas of happiness. I was thinking to write about something to my college days. But i rarely get thoughts into it. However, This time i scribbled carefully "Happy days" which gives the feeling of our first intro to the college. Still more to go... I will once again post...if it is in complete stage.


Happy Days!
The day one to the end,
In the days of college.

The College –
Has the color of Rainbow.
C – Competitions & Conflicts
O – Opportunities & Ovation
L – Lecturers & Lessons
L – Lovers & Lust
E – Emotions & Expectations
G – Giggles & Galatta
E – Energy & Excellence

Happy days!
From the first entry to the gate
To the last exit from the gate.

Happy days!
The memories of college.
The treasure of college.
No one wants to miss it.

No one wants to miss the first day of college
The day of colors,
The day of Beauty,
The day of Expectation,
And the day of young stars.

Wake up before the alarm;
Dress up before the nature;
Take up breakfast before the birds;
Reach the bus stop before the sun.

Waiting for the bus with lots of butterflies (In the stomach)
Heroes and Villains start to look for Heroines;
Combing the hair on and off,
Adjusting the dress now and then,
Till the bus comes to the stop.

Happy days!
Start from this first step of the bus.


Monday, June 29, 2009

ritemail: Floating Islands


If you want to explore the unbelievables. just getinto this blog.

ritemail: Floating Islands

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Doordarshan National - The way to get nostalgic feelings


I hope I would try to fulfill your requirements when you come and visit my blogs. This is the starting step to add some interesting sites now and then. I hope you people will love and appreciate it.
Kindly shower your comments and help me to flourish this blog as we like.

Doordarshan National

The above blog will take you to your old memories in the DDnetwork period. Thanks to the person who created this blog and make availble to us.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carnatic music

Hi Music lovers,

This site will give you the essence of carnactic music and music lovers like you will drink the essence of it.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Abdul Kalam quotes


Abdul Kalam quotes

I hope this above site will give you inspiration when you are down.

Visit this site and benefit from it.



Sunday, May 31, 2009

Civil Engineering Home


This is M.Velu once again, This time i come with a link which will give you the useful information for your career.

Civil Engineering Home

This website is all about civil engineering field. you will get all you want about civil engineering.

All the best and take care!

Civil Engineering Videos

Friends, This linked video will be the answer for all your civil engineering doubts.
I hope you use it properly.

Civil Engineering Videos

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Memory ref :- 10.05.2009

Dear Mother,

How are you, MAMA? I miss you much but I know you miss me more than that.
I have not seen GOD but you. I have not felt GOD but you. I have heard about GOD that too first from you. You are the first being in this world to be worshipped when anyone starts his life or career. As you are the start and you are the end for all.


Sorry, If at all I have hurt you anywhere in your life. I know you don’t take it to your mind and forgiveness is your kind. There are times, I behaved like Mad to you even then you hugged me, this Lad. You are great that’s why you are mother I am one of your feather.

I don’t want to say that you have done or doing sacrifice for me or you live only for me. This is all your basic traits. But what I observed from my mother till now is that “You are the photons (Positive energy) which run faster than my thoughts. I don’t want to be with you to get out of my day to day frustration but it’s enough to think about you and your deeds to give me the fresh life every day.

Mom, I do want to be with you. I do want to sleep on your lap and hear you’re the same bored but not bored childhood stories which are very interesting to pen down and scan through it.

Mom, do you remember…?

When we lived in a small room with more desires but less needs, we were together and happy.
We too had quarrels and fights India and Pakistan but we cross the borders and hug together unlike them.
When there was no sophistication, we led a simple and memorable life. Now, we have sophistication, we lead an odd and forgettable life.

This is forever…

“Whatever am I, you are the reason for my happiness;
Wherever am I, you are the sailor of my life;
However am I, you are the seasons of my career;”

Thank you, Mom for your carings and blessings.
I pray GOD to born once again from you and be with you forever, forever, forever….
I pray GOD to give you and papa – a long, happy and pleasant life….

With love - M.VELU

Monday, May 18, 2009

Where did I lose?

I lost my way,
Where did I lose?
Where do I find out?

Is it in the Home?
Or Is it in the temple?
Is it with the Friends?
Or Is it with the Parents?
No where i could find out
Where do i Find?

I lost my way
The way to happiness;
I lost my happiness
The way to Life;
I lost my life
The way to Enrichment;
I lost my Enrichment
The way to Enlightment;
I lost my Enlightment
The way to GOD.

I lost my way
Where did I lose?
Where do I find ?

Is it in the desert?
Or Is it in the water?
Is it in that hills?
Or Is it this sky?
Where do I find?
Unto my never ending creature.

Where am I?
Am I in the past?
Or Am I in the future?
Or Am I being in the events(Present) ?

Past or Future,
Makes me Blind.
Be in the Present,
Decides my future;
The best lesson of Nature.

By the way,
Who am I?
A never ending Quest.

Sometimes I am mad;
Sometimes I am God.
Sometimes I am Kind;
Sometimes I am not.

Whatever I am
Not the one I wanted to be.
What is that I want
That is the one I lost.

Where did I lose?
The one I could not find.
Where do I find?
The infinite happiness
And the Flooded Peace.

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with Puzzle,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fear of Life!

Fear - It is more dangerous than death
Fear - A culprit to the knowledge
Fear - A block to the career
Fear - The waste of time
Fear - A slow poison to the health
Fear not; Be Brave;
Let the thoughts and hearts work together
And make an history in the scientific world.

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Planner, Dubai