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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hi friends,
I have posted a small scribbling about our happy days in the 4 years of college life which is undoubtedly equivalent to 400 yugas of happiness. I was thinking to write about something to my college days. But i rarely get thoughts into it. However, This time i scribbled carefully "Happy days" which gives the feeling of our first intro to the college. Still more to go... I will once again post...if it is in complete stage.


Happy Days!
The day one to the end,
In the days of college.

The College –
Has the color of Rainbow.
C – Competitions & Conflicts
O – Opportunities & Ovation
L – Lecturers & Lessons
L – Lovers & Lust
E – Emotions & Expectations
G – Giggles & Galatta
E – Energy & Excellence

Happy days!
From the first entry to the gate
To the last exit from the gate.

Happy days!
The memories of college.
The treasure of college.
No one wants to miss it.

No one wants to miss the first day of college
The day of colors,
The day of Beauty,
The day of Expectation,
And the day of young stars.

Wake up before the alarm;
Dress up before the nature;
Take up breakfast before the birds;
Reach the bus stop before the sun.

Waiting for the bus with lots of butterflies (In the stomach)
Heroes and Villains start to look for Heroines;
Combing the hair on and off,
Adjusting the dress now and then,
Till the bus comes to the stop.

Happy days!
Start from this first step of the bus.