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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A small Nap

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



(The man started to kill the trees and the tree started to speak….)

O man,
Hold on, please…
What are you doing?        

(Man continues to cut it…)

Do you hear me?
Where do you see?
Listen, here…
This is me.
Your Close Friend,
The Tree –
“From Cradle to Cemetery”

O man,
Why do you do it?
How unkind you are!
What not had I given you?

I gave you everything.
From Tooth brush in the morning,
To the sleeping bed at night.
What else do you want?

Everything is me;
Everywhere, it’s me;
Why do you do it?

My dear Friend,
You cut me
I don’t mind – but
You kill me
Where can I find?

Not to Forget
Nature will wind (up),
If you are blind.

Dr.APJ kalam says,
“Always ask, what to give?”
I don’t ask,
But I give.

Quran says,
“Saving one life is equal to saving whole humanity”
I don’t save one,
I save you all.

Bible says,
“If someone slaps, show him other side.”
I don’t show other side,
I show you both sides.

O man,
I give you food,
I give you cloth,
I give you herbs.

I give you rain,
I give you shadow,
I give you shelter.

I give you all,
Whatever you want.
You take it all
Without saying not.

You take all of mine.
Still, you stop not whine
And you kill me
Without a mark of sign.

Have you not read Quran?
It says,
“Killing one life without just -
Is killing the whole humanity.”
Why do you do it (Kill me)?

I give - but
You kill.
It’s not a surprise.
You killed Jesus
Though he gave you love.

O man,
You are So Genius;
You are blind as well.
Don’t you know?

If you kill one tree,
You are killing million ants & worms.
If you kill one tree,
You are killing thousand bees & insects.

If you kill one tree,
You are killing hundred birds.
If you kill one tree,
You are killing ten animals

If you kill one tree,
You are killing one human race.
Aren’t you aware of these?
Why do you do it (Kill me)?

Can’t you foresee the consequences?
If you want to show you power,
Show it to your super powers
Not to us – the less powers

O man,
Without I
Where is Buddha?
Without I
Where is Ramayana (Valmiki)?
Without I
Where is the Cross (Jesus)?
Without I
No one is there
Without I
Nothing to spare.

O man,
I know
I am better than you.
I give you the best
As it is my gest
In the God’s Just.

My dear friend,
You cut me
I don’t mind – but
If you kill me
Where can I find?

O man,
Be kind
Not only to the one who gives,
Even to the one who takes.

O man,
You cut but don’t kill.
Take care of me and you too.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hi friends!
I attach this scribbling which i got inspired by the training programme "born to win" which really instigated my inner self and made me to think about my goals and actions i have to do to acheive what i want.
the two scribblings " Born to win" & "Life will never be the same" will really makes me to think about change. I hope you like it.
Please drop your comments to improvise...


Born to win
Born to win
Life is only “Born to Win!”

You can win
You can win
When you think “I can win”

Some times Win
Many times lose
But all times lessons

Success comes when Failure goes;
Failure comes where success comes;
Success, Failure nothing matters
If you take these as a part of Business.

Born to win
Born to win
Human Brain thinks of win
Human heart beats to win

Win to Win
Is the latest theme
You win, I win and we win
Its the only caption of team.

- M.Velu

Life will never be the same,
Unless you want to change.
Friend, why must you change?
Ask this question until you see a change.

When water changes its form,
When the air changes its behavior,
Why not you change?

When the snake changes its cloth,
When a caterpillar changes to Butterfly
Why not you change?
It’s up to you,
The choice of change.
Life will never be the same,
Unless you want to change.

Life is a Game;
Come and Play it.
How long you want to sit and watch?
Why not you change?
Life will never be the same.

You are born by win,
You are grown to win,
You live with win,
You are born to win.
Why not you change?
Life will never be the same
Unless you want to change.

You want the success,
But you don’t want the pain.
How could it possible?
It is possible only
If a Mother delivers the child without pain
If a seed gives a fruit without pain.

Why not you change?
It’s up to you,
The choice of change.
Life will never be the same

- M.Velu

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hi friends,
I have posted a small scribbling about our happy days in the 4 years of college life which is undoubtedly equivalent to 400 yugas of happiness. I was thinking to write about something to my college days. But i rarely get thoughts into it. However, This time i scribbled carefully "Happy days" which gives the feeling of our first intro to the college. Still more to go... I will once again post...if it is in complete stage.


Happy Days!
The day one to the end,
In the days of college.

The College –
Has the color of Rainbow.
C – Competitions & Conflicts
O – Opportunities & Ovation
L – Lecturers & Lessons
L – Lovers & Lust
E – Emotions & Expectations
G – Giggles & Galatta
E – Energy & Excellence

Happy days!
From the first entry to the gate
To the last exit from the gate.

Happy days!
The memories of college.
The treasure of college.
No one wants to miss it.

No one wants to miss the first day of college
The day of colors,
The day of Beauty,
The day of Expectation,
And the day of young stars.

Wake up before the alarm;
Dress up before the nature;
Take up breakfast before the birds;
Reach the bus stop before the sun.

Waiting for the bus with lots of butterflies (In the stomach)
Heroes and Villains start to look for Heroines;
Combing the hair on and off,
Adjusting the dress now and then,
Till the bus comes to the stop.

Happy days!
Start from this first step of the bus.


Monday, June 29, 2009

ritemail: Floating Islands


If you want to explore the unbelievables. just getinto this blog.

ritemail: Floating Islands

All the best!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Doordarshan National - The way to get nostalgic feelings


I hope I would try to fulfill your requirements when you come and visit my blogs. This is the starting step to add some interesting sites now and then. I hope you people will love and appreciate it.
Kindly shower your comments and help me to flourish this blog as we like.

Doordarshan National

The above blog will take you to your old memories in the DDnetwork period. Thanks to the person who created this blog and make availble to us.

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