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Wednesday, May 12, 2010



(The man started to kill the trees and the tree started to speak….)

O man,
Hold on, please…
What are you doing?        

(Man continues to cut it…)

Do you hear me?
Where do you see?
Listen, here…
This is me.
Your Close Friend,
The Tree –
“From Cradle to Cemetery”

O man,
Why do you do it?
How unkind you are!
What not had I given you?

I gave you everything.
From Tooth brush in the morning,
To the sleeping bed at night.
What else do you want?

Everything is me;
Everywhere, it’s me;
Why do you do it?

My dear Friend,
You cut me
I don’t mind – but
You kill me
Where can I find?

Not to Forget
Nature will wind (up),
If you are blind.

Dr.APJ kalam says,
“Always ask, what to give?”
I don’t ask,
But I give.

Quran says,
“Saving one life is equal to saving whole humanity”
I don’t save one,
I save you all.

Bible says,
“If someone slaps, show him other side.”
I don’t show other side,
I show you both sides.

O man,
I give you food,
I give you cloth,
I give you herbs.

I give you rain,
I give you shadow,
I give you shelter.

I give you all,
Whatever you want.
You take it all
Without saying not.

You take all of mine.
Still, you stop not whine
And you kill me
Without a mark of sign.

Have you not read Quran?
It says,
“Killing one life without just -
Is killing the whole humanity.”
Why do you do it (Kill me)?

I give - but
You kill.
It’s not a surprise.
You killed Jesus
Though he gave you love.

O man,
You are So Genius;
You are blind as well.
Don’t you know?

If you kill one tree,
You are killing million ants & worms.
If you kill one tree,
You are killing thousand bees & insects.

If you kill one tree,
You are killing hundred birds.
If you kill one tree,
You are killing ten animals

If you kill one tree,
You are killing one human race.
Aren’t you aware of these?
Why do you do it (Kill me)?

Can’t you foresee the consequences?
If you want to show you power,
Show it to your super powers
Not to us – the less powers

O man,
Without I
Where is Buddha?
Without I
Where is Ramayana (Valmiki)?
Without I
Where is the Cross (Jesus)?
Without I
No one is there
Without I
Nothing to spare.

O man,
I know
I am better than you.
I give you the best
As it is my gest
In the God’s Just.

My dear friend,
You cut me
I don’t mind – but
If you kill me
Where can I find?

O man,
Be kind
Not only to the one who gives,
Even to the one who takes.

O man,
You cut but don’t kill.
Take care of me and you too.